First and foremost, I'm passionate about good health and great aging.


    As a certified health coach and women's fitness specialist, I help women over 45 who are ready to prioritize their health, regain their energy and reclaim their figures so they can feel fabulous again! I've personally experienced many of the struggles and issues that most women experience with aging and menopause. Through my own life experiences, I discovered that you really can take control of your health again, even if it feels out of control. With good nutrition, regular physical activity and a positive mindset you can not only survive menopause, but actually age fabulously, too!


    After a long career in corporate marketing, I was faced with an opportunity to do something entirely different - something I was truly passionate about. And that passion was health and fitness, especially for women in this age group.


    Now, after earning multiple certifications and starting my own business, I coach, guide, support and empower other women to transform their own health and lifestyle habits to experience a renewed level of energy, strength, awareness and confidence so they can live more active and healthy lives and feel fabulous again!



    Health Coach Institute - Certified Health Coach 2017

    National Association of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer 2016

    National Association of Sports Medicine - Women's Fitness Specialist 2018

    TRX Suspension Training System - Qualified Coach 2017

    Core Training Specialist 2020


    Additional Education:

    Exercise and Physical Fitness for Arthritis

    Functional Exercise

    Ballet Barre Instructor


    I would love to hear from you about your current health situation and what you could use some help with. 

    By connecting with me, you're already taking your first step to better health!


    Feel Fabulous Again:

    90-Day Transformation

    Are you ready to take control of your health again? Are you tired of trying the latest "diet" only to find the weight loss doesn't last? Has your doctor told you to "get healthier", but didn't tell you how to do that? Would you like to trade your unhealthy habits for healthy ones that are easy to maintain? Then it might be time for you to prioritize yourself and experience the accountability and support you get with a health coach so you can feel fabulous again!


    During this 90-day coaching program, completely transform your relationship with food and your body for good. Identify the foods and lifestyle habits that are sapping your "fabulousness" and what to do about it. Discover foods that give you the most energy for your unique body type (we're all different and have different needs), and turn healthy habits into behaviors that last.

    We address all aspects of your health - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional - in an inviting and empowering way.


    This allows you to experience a whole new level of energy, strength, awareness, weight loss, beauty and confidence to create the lifestyle you desire, and to be the woman you're meant to be while living a longer, healthier, more active life.


    Includes 12 coaching sessions by phone, Zoom or in person with resources, activities, experiential exercises and discovery.




    Feel Fabulous Again:

    Whole Health Transformation

    This combined health coaching and personal training approach is a "whole health" transformation focusing on nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional well-being, lifestyle choices and habits - all during weekly 90 minute sessions. This means we expand the 90-day program to include personal training as well.

    Includes 12 combined coaching and personal training sessions (45 minutes for coaching + 45 minutes of exercise) by phone, Zoom or in person.


    Private Fitness Coaching

    Experience personalized, one-on-one private training sessions in my customized in-home fitness studio or virtually if you prefer (or I can come to you, too!).


    This approach is perfect for you if you don't belong to a gym, don't want to join a gym, or perhaps are uncomfortable exercising in public.


    Have you ever thought you might start working out again if only you could be guided by a like-minded woman of your age who understands where you're at in your life, and can appreciate your challenges and vision?


    I create customized workout programs to meet your goals and to match your current level of fitness, while continually encouraging you to stretch to higher levels of fitness at just the right pace.


    We can use a variety of modalities depending on your level of fitness and preferences:

    • Cardio 
    • Strength Training
    • Weights 
    • Balance 
    • Functional Movement
    • Ballet Barre 
    • Pilates  
    • High Intensity Interval Training
    • TRX Suspension Training  
    • TRX Rip Training.
    Available by single-session or discounted multiple-session packages.

    Group Personal Training


    If you and a friend would like to workout together and need some added accountability to do that, I can train both of you together during a 1-hour session.


    Doing this with a friend is extra motivating and adds another reason for you to keep it up - and we'll have FUN! Plus, because you'll share the session, you get special pricing when you work out together.



    14-Day Reset Cleanse

    How do you know it's time for a cleanse?


    - do you feel bloated after eating?

    - do you have cravings for sugary or starchy foods?

    - do you have headaches frequently?

    - do you have frequent energy slumps?

    - do you have stubborn extra pounds that just won't budge?


    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's time to jump-start your health with a new approach to nourishing your body.


    This cleanse is a gentle, yet effective way to release toxins and excess bloat, reset your digestive system and renew your baseline of well being - all while eating real, whole foods.


    Learn what foods help you to feel your best, decrease cravings for unhealthy foods, experience deeper sleep, feel great and have more energy!


    Includes 3 coaching sessions and all the resources you'll need to prepare for and complete the cleanse.



    Complementary Breakthrough Coaching Session

    The value of my coaching program is best seen by experiencing a powerful coaching session with me, at no cost to you.

    During this session, you'll discover a powerful vision for what Feeling Fabulous Again looks like for you, and uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from achieving your vision.


    You'll also get a clear understanding of how my coaching program could work for you.


    Contact me to schedule your Feel Fabulous Again Breakthrough Session today!




    Before you commit to personal training, meet with me for a free consultation to discuss your goals, to evaluate your situation and fitness level, and to identify what you like to do/don't like to do/ can't do.


    Visit my in-home fitness studio to see if it's a good fit for what you're looking for, and decide if I'm a good fit for you as a personal trainer.


    I'm very compassionate, patient, observant and encouraging - and if you need some extra pushing and butt-kicking, I can do that too!


    Contact me to schedule your free fitness consultation today!

  • Workshops

    For You personally, Your Employees, Clients and the Community

    Kick Your Sugar Habit for Good!  

    Wellness Workshop

    Permanently change your relationship with sugar and turn your life around through the power of healthy eating. This is an opportunity to finally control what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline, but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings - and knowing how to reduce them over time.

    Stress Buster  

    Wellness Workshop

    Stress is now part of our hectic daily lives. Chronic or on-going stress is dangerously affecting all of our organs and cells, leading to all kinds of health issues. The good news is that you can equip yourself to better cope with and minimize the stress in your life. This workshop looks at what stress does to our bodies, but more importantly, will take you through some steps to build resilience to 'bust that stress' and to keep in optimum health.

    Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer 

    Wellness Workshop

    Aging is a natural part of life, but by making positive changes in your lifestyle now you can dramatically slow down and even eliminate some of the effects of aging. And 70% of aging is actually voluntary! What we eat, how we move and how we feel about aging will all impact how we age. Learn the keys to aging fabulously at this workshop!

    Feel Fabulous Again!

    Health Coaching Workshop for Women

    This 3-hour workshop is for women who are ready to take charge of their health and lifestyle again, and who really want to figure out how to live a longer, healthier, more active life. Discover a simple and sustainable approach to eating, losing those extra pounds, kicking a sugar habit, increasing energy, improving sleep, managing stress, and getting active. Walk away from this workshop with information, tips and ideas for taking a whole new approach to getting healthy, with inspiration to jump your journey.

  • Events

    Feel Fabulous Again! 

    "Girlfriends" Group Health Coaching Workshop


    Jump start your journey to better health

    Gather your girlfriends together for a transformational, educational, inspiring and FUN workshop where you will discover a whole new focus on your health and lifestyle choices. See above for more details.


    Experiences are always more fun with your friends, and the added bonus is that after the workshop, you have a ready-made support and accountability group to apply and practice what you've learned


    Group Size: Minimum 6/ Maximum 10

    Date/ Location / Time: You get to choose! (3 Full Hours)

    Investment in Your Good Health: $79 (this is a 20% savings with the "Girlfriends Group Discount")



    Connect with Jenene via this website, phone or email for more details.


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    Nicky M.

    Fitness Coaching

    "Jenene, was just great to work with! We worked together on both health coaching and personal training. As my health coach I learned so much about food and nutrition and how our bodies use the food for fuel. Reading labels and learning what to watch out for. She helped me learn what to improve and how to make my food work for me! I wish I'd had this information 30 years ago!
    As to personal trainer, Jenene was encouraging and challenging, always varied and impactful workouts, making effective work outs even with my limited equipment, very creative! "

    Lori D.

    90-Day Transformation Program

    "When I decided to work with Jenene, I had hoped to simply become more disciplined in my eating and exercise habits. But to my surprise, I received so much more! Jenene had a way of creating a space where it felt safe to explore my relationship with myself and my body in a deeper and more meaningful way. I have practiced mindfulness for several years now related to stress management, but I had not made the connection until I worked with Jenene, that I was not mindfully eating. I was surprised to discover that at 61 years of age, I was still operating from the mindset of a teenage girl, being "good" or "bad", rather than loving and accepting myself and making choices from that place. Thank you Jenene for inspiring me to grow in this way, it was incredibly helpful!

    Lisa W.

    Fitness Coaching and Group Workshop Participant


    "Know what's more effective than my anti-depressant? Exercising with Jenene Armstrong of HealthFit Coach! After my Dad died in 2018, I recognized I needed to recommit myself to better physical health. Fast forward two years+ and I am still exercising with Jenene! She is educated, accommodating, motivating, inspiring and FUN! She is more than a personal trainer and women's fitness specialist - she's also a health coach, so she has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, mindset, habit-changing, etc. I always learn something new from her. Each week I look forward to our personal training sessions, and the serotonin rush from exercising. I began exercising with her in her adorable home fitness studio. I love it - it was my "me time. Since COVID hit and we couldn't meet in person, Jenene has been incredibly resourceful. We FaceTime and she is always prepared with a new, motivating, and a fun work-out session. I've used my own free weights, exercise ball, stairs, towels and body weight to maintain the same standard as when I was in her home studio. And she doesn't bat an eye if a streaking Luie, two dogs and a cat stand in front of the camera, or some other circus routine is occurring in the background.

    I wanted to share this with others in case you've been thinking about needing some accountability with your own health and well-being and didn't know how to do that during this crazy pandemic. I would encourage you to connect with Jenene to find out more about how she could help you. Her passion is to help women over the age of 40 with their health and fitness goals. Accountability is key - and Jenene makes it easy!"



    Amy O.

    90-Day Transformation Program

    "I can’t say enough about Jenene and her methods for my health. Turns out my path to health was filled with emotional pain and road blocks she helped me through. Point is - Jenene’s method is SO MUCH MORE than the food and exercise - it’s also your mind and spirit. The time I've spent with Jenene has been more beneficial than all the therapy I've had for years! Thank you Jenene!"

    Susan F.

    Feel Fabulous Again! Health Coaching Workshop

    "Jenene is the real deal, and she knows her stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed her Feel Fabulous Again workshop in October and would highly recommend it. Well worth the money. I love handouts, and Jenene does, too. I’m looking through them again as I write this testimonial. So much good information. Everything from ALL the different names for sugar to be on the lookout for to new ideas for getting movement in your life, foods that boost energy, a cheat sheet for healthy, high-quality foods, and so much more. Do yourself a favor and sign up today! You won’t regret it."

    Michelle M.

    90-Day Transformation Program & Fitness Coaching

    Working with Jenene was truly transformational in so many ways! Women of a certain age make a choice…let yourself go physically and mentally or embrace the energy of what life has to offer and dig in! Jenene’s transformation program is a plan for life and with her as my health coach it is an experience I will never forget. Her program and process is structured for anyone willing to take a look at what’s good about your life and where you have opportunities to make things better. When we would have our weekly session I was like a sponge soaking up everything she had to say. What is the most amazing thing is that the journey she takes you on is all about you and rethinking how your see every aspect of who you are. For me, it was all about changing the negative narrative in my head and Jenene helped me do that with kindness and grace. I am a stronger person today than I ever thought possible and much of that new-found strength I credit to Jenene and her program for helping me find the way to a healthier lifestyle, a more positive self-image and tools and skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Thank you Jenene!"

    September W.

    Fitness Coaching

    "I made a number of health decisions that made 2017 a huge year for me. I had bariatric surgery on February 13th. Prior to the surgery I had lost 22lbs. following the advice of the dietitian at the weight loss center. The success of my surgery included exercise. This was emphasized in all of the classes and appointments. I worked with Jenene Armstrong in her long and successful marketing career and viewed her to be a hard worker, a good person and someone I could trust. We reconnected about her passion, being a health coach. The timing could not have been more perfect and it feels like she was an answer to my prayer.

    Jenene has been patient, supportive and when needed, pushy. I cannot sing her praises enough. She has worked on my balance and I am doing things that I would have never imagined possible. I honestly didn’t think that Jenene could be better in this role than her prior marketing role, but she is. Jenene has motivated and encouraged me. She truly is a great coach and you will be amazed. She mixes things up so that the workouts are varied and interesting, and Jenene makes these sessions fun. Yes, I said fun. Keeps me wanting to be there and I hate to miss when I travel for work. But because Jenene has given me so many ways to keep moving when traveling, I can still keep working. Jenene is simply wonderful. Please work with her and you will be so happy that you did. I am.

    I have now lost almost 114 pounds. I am not focused on the number, but on what I am able to do without pain and with greater confidence. Jenene, thank you. I cannot tell you how much your confidence in me has helped. I encourage everyone to take that first step. Jenene has a great workout studio and everything needed – a ballet bar and a TRX. I used to have pain with all types of movement. It is gone. Seriously."

    Dorene M.

    14-Day Reset Cleanse

    "I participated in a detox cleanse through Jenene's Health and Fitness business and it was a great experience. I loved that it was all natural and educational. Through this process I learned a lot about nutrition and how food impacted my sleep, mood and energy. I personally used this cleanse to jump-start my journey to healthier living. As a coach, Jenene was amazing. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, but she was also patient, kind and a lot of fun to work with. She was very skilled at meeting me where I was at and finding out what works for me. I highly recommend her as a coach and an expert in health and fitness. "

    Jeanne L.

    90-Day Transformation Program & Fitness Coaching

    "When I embarked on the health coaching journey, I didn't know what to expect. From our first meeting, Jenene put me at ease and helped me understand what was ahead. And what a journey it was! The program was extremely valuable for me as I learned to build a new foundation for my future good health. At every step Jenene helped me with her patience, knowledge, and insights. She always listened and asked great questions to help me see what I needed to do. The nutritional advice and experiential exercises were very valuable, but what surprised me most about the program was that Jenene helped me change the way I think about my health and all that goes into it. She helped me shed old habits and old ways of looking at things so that I could embark on a healthy new journey that will make my future bright!"

    Nicky M.

    Fitness Coaching

    "June 15, 2017, was my initial session with Jenene. I didn't feel very confident that day because I was recovering from surgery on February 28, 2017. Jenene made me feel safe and comfortable as we discussed what I wanted from her. It's been nine months and I feel as if I have given birth to a new Self! Jenene introduced me to the TRX - a system I had never heard of but almost instantly fell in love with. The exercises she coaches me on have strengthened and toned my body. She also gives me tips on eating healthy foods.

    Because of her encouragement, six days a week I do some type of exercise. I can't recommend Jenene highly enough. If you want to feel better about your body and your overall health, work with her. Growing up I wasn't very athletic and felt I wasn't able to do physical exercises very well. Now I realize that I didn't have the right help. With Jenene's help I stand up straighter and have more confidence in most everything I do! "